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My entry for Tune Jam 2023. I love Surf Rock and I wanted to mix that with flavors of the early US space program, both from the early 1960s. This song features a countdown audio clip from Alan Shepard's Mercury flight and clips from Gus Grissom's Mercury flight.


Note that I'm a very amateur guitar player and GarageBand user and while I wish everything was better, it's the best I'm currently capable of. Constructive criticism is welcome!

Recorded and assembled with GarageBand, a Squier Jaguar, a Squier Jazz Bass, and a Yamaha THR30ii amp. Thanks to my family members for advice and tolerating the noise!

Images and sound clips from NASA. Those should be public domain.

Mercury-Redstone 3 audio: https://archive.org/details/Mercury3
Mercury-Redstone 4 audio: https://archive.org/details/Mercury4
Launch pad image: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/images/118907main_image_feature_354_ys_full.jpg


space_coast_20230528.mp3 2 MB

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